S.Melly’s Fish & Chips

S.Melly’s Fish & Chips

Shelley, the seagull had one purpose in life and it was to be the best in her job and she was. She would find her victim, aim and shoot. It would be chaos as the seagulls would swoop and steal the food from the screaming human covered in bird poop.

Shelley’s life was close to perfect as she was admired and exalted by the colony of seagulls. She never missed her target  until one day a new sign post had been erected advertising the new S.Melley’s Fish & Chip Shop. Shelley didn’t see it. She flew straight into it! Her aim was never the same again. Her poop landed in all the wrong places and the seagulls got into all sorts of trouble.

All artwork painted by the brilliant D. Bailey



Although I am from Africa I now reside in the U.K. with my family. I started my career as a teacher and have taught children in Primary and Secondary schools. I had a business, teaching computer skills to students of all ages. My company gave me invaluable experience in dealing with a diverse range of cultures. Our entire aim was that we taught our pupils the necessary skills and literacy but that they had fun learning!

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