Nao taking a spinning class; NO! Nao making a getaway; YES!

Nao taking a spinning class; NO! Nao making a getaway; YES!

Hiya guys, Fern again. Today is Tues 28th Sept and we are back at boarding school – yuck! In my last blog we were about to partake

in a heavenly feast; fortunately, an assortment of baked items that Philemon had stolen, sorry, stand corrected, taken, from goody’s that Mama Joyce had baked for Noah, and I must add, also for Philemon. Well, Noah was still gutting fish so Philemon had to go back to their fishing shack to receive the pastries from Mama; he then discreetly hid some of the items for our midnight snack. I hope Mama Joyce never finds out – we will enjoy it but Philemon will have to run for his life! It’s funny to watch Mama chase him – even though she is called ‘big Mama’, it is because she’s as wide as she is tall – imagine, and I don’t need to describe this scenario, but Mama and a rolling pin and Philemon, almost 6 foot in height; who do you think did most of the running? Our feast was amazing though – we stayed up all night, Philemon leaving just before dawn as he had to go fishing; we languished in bed until midday much to Mama’s confusion and disgust.

Nao's drawing of Mama

Nao’s drawing of Mama on a good day! My sister is definitely talented!

I must say we all adore Mama Joyce; she can look fierce but she has the heart of an angel – she would give up her life for anyone of us. She is funny though as she always wears her hair closely cropped as the grey is growing rapidly. Anyway, at times, when she gets all dressed up for an important occasion she will put on her big wig or a big fancy, actually beautifully crafted, African hat.

Nao made the mistake of asking her, when she was sporting her wig, if she was trying to compete with her much younger, extremely disliked neighbour Blessing. Well, I hope you noted my heading – no, Nao was not taking a spinning class; her legs were pumping up and down for a totally different reason!

Cheetah mum and cubs

Gorgeous cheetah mom and her cubs (Photo by Val Taylor)

I mentioned that I would put up more photo’s taken from our game-drive the other day.

This is one of the most gorgeous cheetah mom and her cubs.

Can you believe it, we have already been given home-work?? So off to work I go……..

Bye, Fern.

I am an author of Y/A books. My latest 'Dear George' is about a seventeen girl with high morals that finds out she has cancer just before her prom. She compromises her values and after her first chemo and almost losing her life to a femoral bleed, she finds out she is pregnant - what will she choose? Her life or the baby's?

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  1. Simon Tyler at 10:57 am

    so amazing reading about africa and the animals. You need to let your readers know what we can do to help to get your book on the shelves. Mama Joyce is a fun character and like Philemon as well

    Simon, New York

  2. Aisling Clarke at 4:43 pm

    Hi, also found your website through an irish friend of Carmen’s. Love Africa and the descriptions of the animals. The photos are brilliant, so want to go there now. I didn’t know much about Africa but it sounds like a must on my dream list. Please put up more photo’s and keep the blog coming. Also like to see Fern reading more videos, love mama, she is class!

  3. Naimh Fitzgerald at 4:40 pm

    I’ve been reading your website. My friend knows Carmen and has the link on her facebook. I’m from Co. Galway in Ireland and find Africa so interesting and the descriptions really bring it to life. Love Fern’s blog, she is so funny. Look forward to reading more. As far as I can make out your books haven’t been published yet, please let us know when we can buy them
    Cheers Naimh

  4. Sarah Coetzee at 4:34 pm

    Hi, saw your website on one of my friends facebook. She is friends with Carmen. I’m loving your 4 teenagers and can’t wait to read the book. I’m also enjoying the comments Fern makes on her blog. As a South African, everytime I read your website I just want to be in the bush again. We are fortunate enough to go to the Kruger park every year – please let me know when it is published.

  5. Andrew Weeks at 4:31 pm

    have been reading your website and fern’s blog – never been to africa and must say you do bring it to life. i can imagine living on a gamepark. philemon is a great character and i like nao. fern is gorgeous but she has a british accent, how does that fit into the scheme of things? look forward to reading more soon.

    • Mary-Anne Crooks at 4:55 pm

      The reason Fern and Nao have British accents is that they are being educated in a private school run by British management. That is also why Philemon, who has a broad Zanzi accent finds it so funny when Nao speaks, as she is a Zanzi. Thank you for taking the time to comment and to ask a question – really appreciate your interest! Mary-Anne

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