Hi guys, I’ve had so much trouble with our Internet connection at school so haven’t been online. I’ve just read my Facebook page and my darling cousin Courtney has decided to insult me!

Her comment: ‘Shouldn’t you have a licence for being that ugly!’

My reply: ‘Anyone who told you to be yourself has given you the worst advice!’

Who do you think won first round?? Of course Nao thinks Courtney did… sister’s, UGH!

Front of Impala Cottage in Boma

Photo courtesy of Maduma Boma Reserve

News from Imanga

Everything is going well at the Reserve. Mom and Dad are working hard as they are extending the accommodation. Mom sent me these photos of one of the new camps called Impala cottage; it looks stunning! The new chalets are exclusive and each site has its own swimming pool.

Bedroom from Impala Cottage

Photo courtesy of Maduma Boma Reserve

Website for Maduma Boma: www.madumaboma.co.za (well worth a visit if planning a trip to South Africa).Well, I’m sure our ‘War of Words’ will continue so I’ll impart my superior knowledge of intelligent come-backs to you; remember, you need to vote for me when leaving comments!?!?!?!

Fern signing off….

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