Hi guys,

Thought I’d get in the first insult today! ‘You used to be obnoxious and arrogant but now you’re the opposite – arrogant and obnoxious!’

Courtney’s reply: ‘What do you look like with your mouth shut?’

OKAY!! I know I never stop talking! Actually, good one Courtney!

As it’s Mother’s day today I thought I’d share a funny YouTube video – so gorgeous – baby is not sure if he finds his mom blowing her nose extremely funny or really scary – enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9oxmRT2YWw

Fern signing out

I am an author of Y/A books. My latest 'Dear George' is about a seventeen girl with high morals that finds out she has cancer just before her prom. She compromises her values and after her first chemo and almost losing her life to a femoral bleed, she finds out she is pregnant - what will she choose? Her life or the baby's?

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