‘Out with the old (kids), in with the new!

‘Out with the old (kids), in with the new!

Hi guys, I’ve eventually decided to withdraw my claws and let go! Our daughters are now 24yr & and 21yrs old and no, (not Mama  Joyce, from my book, ‘The Hunted’ but Mama Mary-Anne), has pushed her human chicks’out of the nest!

Now, dilemma, what to do with the hubby?? Trade him in for a younger model? Interested?? Out with the old, in with the new?? Sorry Ladies, that ball and chain is not for show, he belongs to me so I guess, he stays!  (Nope, not ‘another’ but a blonde version of ‘the original’!) 

Now, the replacement ‘kids’!

If you have a name for our ‘brand new’ kid then please leave feed-back! I know you are all busy with Christmas Shopping, spending money, lying in the sun, shivering in the UK, USA and other places but one word will do! I’m leaning towards D’Artagnan or Tux, short for Tuxedo or Bow, short for Bow-Tie (you get the picture!), maybe Beau-Tie? More manly?

The rest of the week will be short blogs with heart-warming photo’s & videos of our animal kingdom!

Although I am from Africa I now reside in the U.K. with my family. I started my career as a teacher and have taught children in Primary and Secondary schools. I had a business, teaching computer skills to students of all ages. My company gave me invaluable experience in dealing with a diverse range of cultures. Our entire aim was that we taught our pupils the necessary skills and literacy but that they had fun learning!

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