Mind Maze

Mind Maze

Sixpence, a six-year old, is abandoned by his mother who has aids and can no longer take care of him. Leaving him in the railway station she prays that he is picked up by Social Services. Unfortunately, a street child notices his predicament and becomes his life-line. He is quickly taught how to survive on the streets and after being introduced to glue-sniffing is effectively used for petty thievery and other crimes.

In the meantime the teenagers from the first book ‘The Hunted’ notice strange lights at night on a deserted island and unintentionally embark on another terrifying adventure.

Back on the streets, Sixpence has become immersed in his new life. Out of his mind, most of the time, his conscience no longer exists, until one evening; he is used by his criminal friends to climb into a house and open the door for them. He is exposed to an extremely violent encounter and manages to free the severely beaten owner of the house. During the ensuing chaos Sixpence makes his getaway only to be caught halfway up the street by one of the thugs. The little boy is kept prisoner in ‘the warehouse.’ As the effect of the glue wears off, he hears disturbing rumours concerning disappearing street children and the word ‘scientists’; he doesn’t understand what a ‘scientist’ is but he believes it means something evil.
The young boy is transported with the other prisoners to a deserted island but slips unnoticed into a tiny dark alcove along the dimly lit path, deep within the mountainside.

His adventure truly begins and a cunning develops in the little man as he is exposed to a magical world where his brain and capabilities expand exponentially. He finally realises the devastation Dr Mendel’s evil schemes will cause.This is when his world collides with the four teenagers and together they form a plan.

How will they find their way inside the vastness of the mountain with its many tunnels and caves? Will they be able to rescue the children from the laboratories and will the children want to be saved?

I am an author of Y/A books. My latest 'Dear George' is about a seventeen girl with high morals that finds out she has cancer just before her prom. She compromises her values and after her first chemo and almost losing her life to a femoral bleed, she finds out she is pregnant - what will she choose? Her life or the baby's?

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